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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yana Samsudin Top Trending YAHOO! Malaysia

 Admin nak share sikit rasa kebanggaan dan sukacita ni dengan YanaSuperFriends #YSF semua dengan artikal ini. Putri kita Yana Samsudin di tangga teratas untuk  Top Trending Searches of Weeks on Yahoo!Malaysia bagi 22-29 Mac 2012.#YSF juga ada di sebut disitukan ..Wow ... Tahniah ya #YSF sekalian dan teruskanlah sokong Putri kita Yana Samsudin ... ~~ Haruslah LOVE

by Michael | Malaysia 30/03/2012

Below are the top trending searches for the week 22-29 Mar 2012. Brought to you by Yahoo! Search Trends. 

1. Yana Samsudin 
Actress Yana, previously known as Norliana, drew a huge interest after her movie Adnan Sempit 2 earned RM6.8 mil after just 2 weeks in the cinema. Yana's fans, known as Yana SuperFriends (YSF), are supporting her for the most popular actress in the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH), to compete with Diana Danielle, Eja, Lisa Surihani, and Maya Karin.

2. Irma Hasmie
The 30- years old actress was engaged to a businessman Reza Syah Azmeer Datuk Mohd Redzuan 31, on 24 March. Irma said that they met in Mecca in February and she was proposed by Reza's family on 12 March. The wedding is planned for 1 July at Keramat Hall, KL

3. Owen Wilson
In line with the F1 Petronas Malaysia GP, the charity gala Sapura and Kencana Petroleum Red Ribbon GP Ball was held on 22 March and was attended by the King and Queen, high officials, as well as local and international celebrities. However, the event's good vibes were  somehow tarnished after Malaysia emcee introduced actor. Owen Wilson as 'Owen Williams' . Owen also caught the headlines after allegedly rejected Fahrin Ahmad's requesr for a photo together, but was found to have had one with the sexy and controversial actress Zarina Anjoulie a few days later. 

4.  Liyana Jasmay
Liyana Jasmay 24, was officially engaged on 28 March to businessman Fathuddin Mazlan, 28, with the wedding set for 24 January 2013. Fathuddin is said to be Liyana's neighbour and they were introduced by a friend during the 2012 New Year celebrations about 3 month ago.

5.  Safee Sali
Millionaire footballer Safee Sali 28, has settled a marital dispute out of court after he withdrew a summon to compel his wife, Sabrina Yusof to be loyal (perintah kembali taat). Sabrina is currently in Sarawak, while Safee is based in Jakarta after he signed a two-year extension to this contract with Indonesian club Pelita Jaya FC last month for reported RM2 mil.

Credit to Micheal PC.COM


Sarah said...

GREAT...! congrats yana, love u...!!!

nor ain said...

terbaik kamu sis :) luv u very much!!!

ciksengeh :D said...

tahniah !

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ariiefsz iepien said...

great...! tahniah kak Yana.. haruslah LOVE

nuRuL aZieRa said...

waaahhhh.... congrats yana!! =) we'll always support u, akan buat yana trending bukan for this week je, tp untuk upcoming weeks, month and years... #eh? lebih pulak...hehe